It’s important to believe in love, but it’s more important to believe in loving yourself.

Believe me when I say, “you are worth a million stars.”

Believe in being the moon, for whom they shall launch space-crafts.

Believe in your light, specially when you have been able to shine with the positivity of others who believe in you.

Believe that magic happens, when you start believing in you.

This is no poem, this is no prose. This is my story, and from where I rose.

-Rachna Prasad

Love Me While You Can

I am drowning in the ocean,

I have been stabbed, I have been broken.

You play by the rules that you made,

Not to trust you was what I was said.

But you know that I believe you more,

Heard them say you left me and Ran.

In the Memories of you that I have stored,

Baby love me while you can.

Rachna Prasad

Love is pure in one’s heart and soul.

When you’re secretely in love with someone and wish they feel the same or somewhat similar. It’s the best feeling, when your hopes are high and everything you do or everything around you resembles them. Dancing in the rain with your eyes shut imagining the person beside you TO doing your work and imagining them looking at you and adoring you. Listening to romantic songs and thinking of them TO all the stupidity you could think of.

You’re the most positive person in the world when that happens with you.

Now not all of us get what we dream. But losing hope, losing that positivity is not an option. Wait for it, they wern’t the one. THE ONE is who’s thinking of you and imagining you on their stupidity(s).

Welcome, you’re one step closer to maturity and One step more closer to finding the true and constant happiness.

-Rachna Prasad


When the silence of the night,

doom onto the sweet caramel pond,

and overflows the betrayed emotions.

… She with the horrifying desires

wipes it out to fight another battle.

Hence steps a forlorn journey,

to this concerned world;

and the thread of realism

overcomes the needle of romance.

-Kathakriti Nayak